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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): Using a football analogy to describe his disappointment of the Affordable Care Act rollout, President Obama said, “We fumbled ... on this healthcare law.” What sports analogy would you use to describe implementation of Obamacare?

There is NO sports analogy that can even come close to what he’s done. Fumbled? Yea, when someone fumbles someone recovers the ball. In this case, I don’t think a recovery is even possible.

Chanel Sanchez

Looks like Jim Marshall running the wrong way on the fumble recovery. Todd Boyles

I think he needs to be sacked!

Christina Dutting

I am thinking full count, bases loaded to win the World Series and he struck out. Obama’s presidency is the equivalent to the Cubs. Many fans but no championships. Jeb Patterson

#FalseStart, #WildPitch, #TechnicalFoul, #TKO. Val Vera

Hockey — they all seem to be trying to kill each other to get to the puck (ACA).

Laurie Sargent Parry

It’s equivalent to a balk with bases loaded to end the game ... the absolute DUMBEST mistake you can make. Shaneand Kristi


Incomplete pass! Marie Schneider Weckter

They are in a no-huddle offense! Fred Gilbert

“Hail Mary.” Which is also pretty much what I uttered to my friend, Mary, when I got the notice that my insurance had been canceled. Hugh Savage

How about they pulled a Jerry Jones. Choked like Tony Romo. ACA is a bigger joke than the Dallas Cowboys.

Kristina Halley

I’m thinking of NASCAR — Crash & Burn!

David Hallum