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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): In 2007 packing plants (including one in Fort Worth) that slaughtered horses for human consumption were shut down after Congress refused to fund the USDA to inspect the meat. A ruling this month by a federal judge in New Mexico may lead to plants reopening. Should horses be slaughtered and the meat sold in the U.S.?

Why not? We eat cows, buffalo, chicken, duck, deer, turkeys, geese and pig.

Joe Black

If horses are killed in the United States, it will be more humane than how it is done in Mexico plus less traumatic shipping time. Another plus is fewer starving backyard horses. Brenda Sibell Vawter

No, but I do not like duck, beef, geese, rabbit or pork either. Alison Polson

Not for human consumption!

Marie Frazier

Aside from the obvious connection some of us have with horses (me included), at its base it’s no different than any other type of animal currently raised for beef (exotic or not). Macy Moore

No! What is going on here?

Johnny Christopher Lopez

No. It would be like eating your dog. Michelle Henk

I don’t know why not. Horses are safe to eat, they are not an endangered species, the meat is actually healthier for humans than many because it is leaner.

Bill Reedy

I’ve heard they are tasty and high in protein. Nope, still not going to eat one. John Adamson

I am so hungry I could eat a horse.

Derek Lee Snow