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The healthcare debate continues to roll on

An Oct. 31 letter (“Musings on Affordable Care Act”) compared the new healthcare law to socialism, quoting The Communist Manifesto: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Actually, that quote isn’t found in The Communist Manifesto. Karl Marx appropriated the phrase from another source, using it in a separate publication nearly 30 years after publishing Manifesto. However, it cannot be argued that the quote is pure socialism.

Very similar are the quotes of another socialist radical trying to better society some 1,800 years before Marx.

A guy named Luke documented this socialist as having the same philosophy as Marx when quoting him as saying, “From whom much is given, much is expected.”

But even far more radical was his command to his followers, again documented by Luke, along with a couple of other guys, one named Matthew, the other Mark: “Sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor.”

All, as in everything. Wow! That sure is a lot.

What right-minded capitalist would ever think of believing or following such socialistic drivel?

— Larry Gwaltney, Fort Worth

So Wal-Mart could be the solution to the ACA’s computer problems, as suggested in a Nov. 8 letter (“The shaky launch of Obamacare”)?

I placed a “site-to-store” order that was confirmed via email that the pickup store was where I wanted the order picked up.

A few hours later I got another email saying the order will be delivered to a different store. I had to place another order.

I had to go through a hassle to cancel the first order. The customer service people were baffled.

On two previous occasions, confirming emails said the orders were ready for pickup. An hour later, emails said the orders were delayed. I learned that the orders were not delayed. The second emails were sent in error!

— Richard Toth, Haltom City

A Nov. 8 letter (“The shaky launch of Obamacare”) said that when the poor go to emergency rooms for healthcare the rest of us pay for it through property taxes. But that doesn’t consider the fact that a quarter of the Texas state budget goes to Medicaid care for children and the poor.

That money comes from taxpayers. Obamacare will subsidize the poor who purchase insurance. That money will come from federal income taxes and out of federal budgets. Billions of dollars in healthcare support comes from churches and other charitable organizations.

U.S. healthcare costs cannot be improved with more government interference. Everywhere the government is involved, costs rise. Look at tuition for higher education. Because of federal grants and subsidized loans, costs have skyrocketed.

As Ronald Reagan said, “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.”

— Ronald Dupree, Azle

During a congressional hearing on the Affordable Care Act, Sen. John Cornyn lamented the fact that it’s impossible to be fired under the current administration, regardless of how you misrepresent the facts and lie to the American people.

The people of Texas feel your pain, Sen. Cornyn. Because of GOP gerrymandering, it’s impossible to fire senators and representatives who routinely cast votes that favor their corporate financiers and then lie to their constituents about their motivations.

Without entrenched special-interest frontmen in political office, Texans might not be subjected to substandard health, education and welfare, resembling that of a Third World nation, or live in one of the most polluted states in the U.S.

— Edward C. Wyman, Fort Worth

Isn’t it strange that we can help countries all over the world with their healthcare, by way of foreign aid, but not Americans who have paid taxes for decades?

Two national disgraces: The number of people who die because they can’t afford medical treatment, and families that have to spend their life savings on one illness or accident.

I’m not sure if Obamacare will fix these tragedies. But if it doesn’t, when will our politicians come up with a plan that will fix them?

— Joe Holmes, Arlington