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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): With a major roadblock removed, it appears the merger of Fort Worth-based American Airlines and US Airways will take place, creating the world’s largest airline. As a consumer, what do you think will be the major advantage/disadvantage of the new super carrier?

I’ll put their chance for success right up there with the Kanye/Kardashian merger.

Hugh Savage

When two financially struggling airlines merge, you get a bigger financially struggling airline.

David Hallum

Typically, as most companies get larger, the way they treat their employees gets worse and so does customer service. But both of these airlines were pretty much already in the bottom for those things, so maybe there’s nowhere to go but up.

Penny Bonkowski

I was pleasantly surprised by the United-Continental merger. No hubs were closed, nor suffered any service dropoff that I could see. For the most part, the less-consumer-friendly United frequent-flier rules appear to have given away to nicer Continental rules.

Kenneth Bunting

Too big to fail. Too big to fail!

Joe Cutbirth

If it were somewhere else I would be mad. But this is good for DFW.

Brandon Fuqua

I expect higher fares, poorer customer service, less frequent-flier seats and more “deals” to places I have no interest in going to. Pat Richardson

Fares going up. Count on it.

MarySue Foster

Fares going down. More competitive pricing from the smaller airlines. Gerald Mercer

I’m hoping for more flights and dreaming of lower prices. A girl can dream. Christina McClure