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Police: Irving man had more than 1,000 improper videos

Almost 1,000 videos recorded by hidden cameras inside the bathrooms of North Texas restaurants and a store have been found on an Irving man’s work and home computers, police said Friday.

The computers belong to Andrew Crawford Boden, 65, of Irving, who was arrested this summer by Grapevine and Irving police, accused of planting the hidden cameras in the public bathrooms.

Boden admitted to placing the cameras in several different locations in North Texas and reviewing the images using his computer at work, according to an evidentiary search warrant.

Shortly after his arrest, detectives seized computers from his home on Green Park Drive in Irving and his job at Pioneer Natural Resources at 5205 N. O’Connor Blvd. in Irving.

It took four months for an Irving forensic investigator to go through the videos, and the investigator concluded his review just a few days ago. Irving police released their findings Thursday.

“It took time because we have just one investigator who could go through it, and at times that investigator got called off onto other cases,” Irving Detective James McLellan said Friday.

McLelland said the investgator found the recordings were done mostly at restaurants such as the Corner Bakery and Smashburger in Irving. Other locations included a Kroger in Dallas and Braum’s in Grapevine.

“There’s at least one bathroom where we have not identified the location,” McLelland said.

Generally, the recordings were of women when they were in the public restrooms, Irving police said, and authorities do not believe the videos were sold or shared with other people.

“We don’t believe he emailed them or uploaded them to other sites,” McLelland said.

In May, Irving police had started an investigation on Boden after receiving complaints from the Irving Corner Bakery. Grapevine police also began an investigation.

An employee of Braum’s at 1300 S. Main St. in Grapevine called police May 23 after seeing a device sliding off the wall. The camera, disguised as an outlet, had been stuck to the restroom wall with double-sided tape, according to reports.

Five videos were found on the camera, and a reflection of the suspect was seen on the first video, Grapevine police said.

After the images of the suspect were broadcast by local news media, Boden was identified and later arrested by Grapevine police. He was released on $2,000 bail.

Irving police arrested Boden a few days later on cases out of Irving. Investigations are underway in Irving, Grapevine and Dallas.

Boden is expected to be charged with improper photography or video recording, a state jail felony. If convicted, he faces a maximum of two years in prison on each count.