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Man pleads guilty to killing Grapevine veterinarian

A Haltom City man has pleaded guilty to killing a Grapevine veterinarian and now faces life in prison as authorities conduct a sentencing investigation.

Jeffrey Hansana, 26, remained in the Tarrant County Jail on Wednesday, awaiting a pre-sentencing investigation that could take one to three months to complete.

Hansana entered his open plea on Sept. 15, admitting to being a felon with a firearm who fired at and killed Deidra Blackmon on a Saginaw street early on March 3, 2013.

A few days afer Hansana’s plea, his girlfriend, Heather Thompson, was sentenced to 330 days in jail for failure to report the killing on East Bailey Bowell Road in Saginaw.

Thompson was released shortly after being sentenced for time already served.

“It was too much,” said her attorney Okey Akpom, in reference to her sentence. “She didn’t know what had happened. She heard the gunshots and saw a car pull over and that’s all she knew.”

Akpom said that Thompson didn’t know that someone was shot until her parents called her a few hours later.

“Thompson pleaded guilty to failure to report a felony and she received 330 days in jail for which she served day for day,” said prosecutor Jack Strickland, deputy chief in the Tarrant County district attorney’s criminal division, in a Wednesday email. “That sentence is just shy of the maximum penalty of 365 days in jail for this offense. However, Thompson’s legal troubles are not yet over, and that’s all I can say about that right now.”

In her plea agreement on Sept. 24, Thompson was also sentenced to 330 days on three other charges unrelated to the killing of Blackmon. Those sentences will run concurrently.

A chance meeting

Blackmon, 33, who had been on staff at the Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas in Grapevine, and two friends had visited the Fort Worth Stockyards on the evening of March 2, 2013, to celebrate an upcoming wedding. Around midnight, Blackmon, the designated driver, stopped at the Valero Corner Store in the 1100 block of Saginaw Boulevard in Saginaw, north of the Stockyards, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Thompson and Hansana also stopped at the store.

Blackmon parked and entered the store, as did Thompson, police said. The two women did not speak in the store. Hansana stayed in his car.

As one of Blackmon’s friends vomited near Hansana’s car — and as Thompson walked out of the store — an argument ensued because Thompson could not get inside her boyfriend’s vehicle.

Blackmon repeatedly apologized and tried to defuse the tense situation.

Both cars then left the parking lot, and less than a mile away, in the 200 block of East Bailey Boswell Road, Hansana opened fire on Blackmon’s Lexus, police said. The veterinarian was hit once in the head and died a short time later at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

Witnesses said that Blackmon was shot and killed as she was passing Hansana, shortly after stopping at a traffic light.

Authorities arrested Hansana and Thompson a few days later in Haltom City after police released a photo of a woman who was in the store minutes before Blackmon was shot to death. A tipster identified that woman as Thompson.

Hansana admitted to investigators that he opened fire on Blackmon’s car with a .45-caliber handgun, according to the affidavits.

Different version of shooting

In addition to the failure to report a felony case, Thompson also was sentenced for tampering with government records, bail jumping and failure to identify in incidents after her March 2013 arrest.

In September 2013, Thompson didn’t show up for a court hearing; a judge issued an arrest warrant and U.S. marshals set out to find her. She was arrested a few days later in Watauga. Thompson was booked into jail and charged with failure to identify (Watauga police said she gave them a false name) and tampering with a governmental record (police said she had a false driver’s license).

Akpom tells a different version of the events that led to the shooting, saying that when Thompson walked out of the store she saw Hansana talking to three women in another car.

“At first, she thought he was flirting with them but he said that they had made fun of her because of how she was dressed,” Akpom said. “She [Thompson] told him she didn’t care and they drove off.”

Akpom said Hansana was driving down the road when the women came up in their vehicle and drove up alongside.

“He sees someone reach down the floorboard so he grabbed his gun and fired four shots,” Akpom said. “She [Thompson] said the shots were fired up in the air. She saw the woman’s car pull over and they just drove on.”

He described the shooting as a road rage incident.

This report includes information from the Star-Telegram archives.