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Woman recovering from teen rock-throwing spree in Weatherford

An Arizona woman said she required 21 stitches and must replace three broken teeth after at least one of two teens hit her in the face with a rock July 15 while she was traveling through Weatherford.

Two 14-year-old boys suspected of throwing rocks and railroad spikes onto Interstate 20 near the Bankhead Drive exit in Weatherford were initially detained by police, said Lt. Christopher Crawford, Weatherford police spokesman. The teens were released to their parents July 17, according to Jeff Swain, Parker County assistant district attorney.

The two juveniles are facing aggravated assault and felony criminal mischief charges, Crawford said.

The teens are accused of hitting Dyan Jay-Heim in the face with a golf-ball-sized rock that went through the windshield of the tractor-trailer rig in which she was a passenger.

“I remember asking my husband what had happened to me,” Jay-Heim said during a telephone interview with the Star-Telegram. “I reached for my face and it started gushing blood. My husband took me to a truck stop and told the attendant that I had been shot and to call for help.”

Jay-Heim, 59, who lives in a community about 30 miles east of Tucson, Ariz., said she turned to her husband, Wayne Heim, just as the rock came through the windshield. If she had not turned, Jay-Heim said she fears the rock would have struck her in the eye.

Weatherford police said 14 vehicles, 10 passenger vehicles and four tractor-trailer rigs, were damaged during the rock-throwing incidents. Jay-Heim said that the combined relative speeds of the vehicles and the rocks could have been fatal for motorists.

“I’m just thankful that no one else was injured,” Jay-Heim said. “I know it wasn’t personal. They were just being stupid kids. They had no regard for anyone else.”

Jay-Heim said her face is ruined. Jay-Heim said she and her husband live on limited income and have no dental insurance. The Texas victims compensation fund should pay or reimburse her for any medical expenses, including any needed dental work, Swain said.

“Throwing objects at people on the freeway is unacceptable,” Jay-Heim said. “I’ve heard people ask what if they had hit a child. These kids need to do some time. I will literally throw up if they just get probation.”