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Fort Worth couple can’t agree on Jesus’ looks

Karl Kuipers liked the costumes and attention to detail that made characters in Son of God seem realistic.

“I especially liked the dirty fingernails,” Kuipers said. “I thought that really added a lot of reality.”

Actors with clean fingernails could not have portrayed the kind of common folk who populated Israel 2,000 years ago, said Kuipers, 67, a retired physician living in Keller. He and his wife, Susie Kuipers, a 64-year-old retired nurse, thought the recently released movie was excellent and realistic.

But after watching it Friday morning at Cinemark Alliance Towne Center, they disagreed on whether the good looks of Diogo Morgado — the actor who portrayed Jesus — affected their opinions.

“If someone else portrayed Jesus, I don’t think it would have been his looks but the message that was portrayed,” Susie Kuipers said. “I think that came across very clearly.”

A Portuguese native who also portrays Jorge Velez in the ABC drama Revenge, Morgado is a strikingly attractive man.

However, the actor who plays Barabbas in Son of God couldn’t have been cast as Jesus with the same effect, Karl Kuipers said. Fraser Ayres didn’t fit the mental image of the Savior implanted during years of parochial school, the doctor said.

“I’ve been given what the image of Jesus is and when I view the movie I accept the image portrayed on the screen as what I’ve seen through my eyes,” Karl Kuipers said. “If Barabbas had been placed as the Jesus, it would have been harder for me to watch the entire movie and receive the impact of it.”