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Arlington says Vought relocation brings 500 jobs

Vought Aircraft has moved its engineering operations to Arlington and could ultimately bring 500 jobs to the city.

The city disclosed the deal late Friday on its website, saying Vought will occupy 100,000 square feet of existing space at 1401 Nolan Ryan Expressway. It said that once the move is complete, approximately 500 Vought full-time workers and contractors with an average salary of $100,000 will work there.

Vought Aircraft, owned by Triumph Aerostructures, is an aerospace manufacturer with locations in west Dallas, Grand Prairie and Red Oak, south of DeSoto. It has been moving manufacturing operations out of its Dallas plant and into its new Red Oak facility, which opened last year.

Triumph spokeswoman Lynne Warne confirmed the move Saturday in an email. She said production personnel in Dallas will be moving to Red Oak and engineering and support workers will be shifting to Arlington.

According to the city, Vought was granted a 10-year grant to offset costs related to the move and remodeling the building, apparently part of a 233,000-square-foot campus built in 2003 by Siemens AG, a German company. Siemens used it for its postal automation business, which it sold in 2006.

The grant is capped at $120,000 per year, the city said.