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Dog euthanized after attacking girl Tuesday in north Fort Worth; rabies test ordered

A dog that attacked a girl Tuesday afternoon in the Diamond Hill neighborhood of north Fort Worth was euthanized and is being tested for rabies, a city spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The attack was reported about 4 p.m. in the 2800 block of Hutchinson Street.

The owners of the dog, a pit bull mix, voluntarily released it to animal control officers on Tuesday, said Diane Covey, a spokeswoman for the Fort Worth Code Compliance Department.

“This is what we consider a vicious attack of a dog on a human, and those dogs are euthanized,” Covey said Wednesday evening. “It’s also mandatory that we get a rabies test from the state.

“Within 24 hours or so, we will have the results back.”

The girl, whose name and age have been unavailable, was taken to Cook Children’s Medical Center with serious injuries that were not considered life-threatening, a MedStar spokesman said Tuesday.

Without her name, her condition could not be checked on Wednesday at the hospital.

Covey said she had not other details about the attack.

It was the third dog attack in Fort Worth in the past week and the second in the Diamond Hill neighborhood.

On Dec. 3, man was mauled while trying to rescue his dog from three other dogs in the 3300 block of North Crump Street. Those dogs, also described as pit bull mixes, were shot and killed by police.

On Friday, a man was attacked by three dogs in the 3800 block of Avenue M in the southeast Fort Worth. Those dogs were also described as being pit bull mixes. One was shot by police, and two were caught and removed by animal control officers.