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Mayor Betsy Price out of eye surgery, recovering

Mayor Betsy Price is recovering from eye surgery Wednesday to correct a double vision problem in her right eye following a bicycle crash on the Trinity Trails more than a year ago.

The surgery, which was considered low risk, went as expected, said Bill Begley, a city spokesman.

Dr. Michael Hunt, a pediatric eye specialist, had to cut through the white portion of her eye to get the muscle. Price was under an anesthetic for the surgery and is expected to be out of the office for two or three days.

The day before the surgery, Price said she was a little nervous about the procedure and at 5:41 a.m. today she tweeted: “Headed to eye surgery thank you for everyone’s prayers.”

Price said it could take months to know if the surgery corrected the double vision issues, which was making it difficult for her to drive, ride her bike and other daily tasks.

If the surgery does not correct the problem, doctors can do additional surgery, and if damage is caused during the procedure, they should be able to reverse it, she added.

Price believes her injuries from the crash — in which she also suffered a concussion and a broken collar bone — would have been much more severe if she had not been wearing her helmet. The helmet cracked during the crash.

Since her recovery from the accident, she has continued to lead Rolling Town Halls in an effort to keep Fort Worth healthy and active. The last Rolling Town Hall for 2013 was a Halloween-themed ride in October.