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Fab or Flub: Boscia’s charcoal beauty products

If you were to ask me what the biggest beauty trend of this year has been, there’s a good chance I’d cast my vote for charcoal. Charcoal-infused beauty products, that is. This trend has been so popular that I got in on the action back in March by reviewing two charcoal-infused beauty products from LUSH Cosmetics.

Other brands like Biore and Origins have created similar products, but no one has quite embraced the trend like skin-care brand Boscia.

With its line of charcoal-infused products called “The Black Collection,” Boscia produces skin-care essentials like a facial mask, cleanser and T-zone treatment. In addition to those, the line also includes some unexpected surprises, like a charcoal version of the brand’s famous blotting papers.

I’ve used blotting papers since high school but hadn’t heard of them being infused with charcoal before — or of what benefits those might hold. I figured it couldn’t hurt to give them a try, and found Boscia’s Black Charcoal Blotting Linens in packs of 100 sheets for $10 at Sephora.

The plan was to use the Boscia linens as a replacement for my tried and true Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets.

First impression

Having had some experience with other Boscia products, I was aware of the company’s reputation for emphasizing natural ingredients, and the Black Charcoal Blotting Linens are no exception. Made from 100 percent natural abaca leaf fiber and black bamboo charcoal, the linens are gray with tiny black specks, and they’re about the size of a drink coaster when unfolded.

Compared to the Clean and Clear blotting sheet, these linens actually feel like paper (tissue paper to be exact) and not some rubberlike material made from ingredients I can’t pronounce.

As I removed one of the linens from the package, I detected a slight scent. Turns out, they’re infused with a black tea fragrance. For some people, fragrant beauty products can be overpowering and a big turn off, but I found the Boscia linens’ scent refreshing and can report that it didn’t linger on my skin afterward.

Fab or flub?

Fab! After being faithful to Clean and Clear’s blotting sheets for so long, I was surprised to have finally found another brand of blotting linens that fit the bill. To say that Boscia’s Black Charcoal Blotting Linens are similar to Clean and Clear’s version would be a lie. In fact, they are completely different in most aspects other than performance.

First off, they’re larger in size, so I only need one, whereas I frequently use two Clean and Clear sheets. I also like that the Boscia linens are made from natural ingredients. And, while both products do a great job of removing oil from the T-zone, I’d give a slight edge to the Boscia linens.

After a couple of uses, I began to notice that the Boscia version didn’t remove my makeup the way that the Clean and Clear sheets sometimes do — another plus. Overall, I was happy with my purchase and will definitely consider becoming a repeat customer of the product.