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Texas brew review: Revolver Sangre y Miel

With North Texas Beer Week entering its second weekend, brewers and beer-centric venues across the area are putting on all kinds of interesting, unique events and showcasing new beers every day.

You’d be hard pressed to find a brewery not launching something new this week, with some participating in friendly competition to release the newest and most exciting beer. Dallas’ Four Corners Brewing has even gone so far as to release a new beer in its taproom every one of the 10 days of Beer Week. Heck, even Southern Tier Brewing from New York was excited enough that it made XNTX Special Ale just for this area and Beer Week.

Among the sea of new beers, there will always be some standouts. One of the most buzzed-about during Beer Week is Revolver Brewing’s latest. It took Blood & Honey and aged it for a year in chardonnay barrels from Granbury’s Barking Rocks to make Sangre y Miel (Spanish for Blood & Honey).

Honestly, Revolver could have probably done any variant of Blood & Honey and North Texas’ thirsty throngs would be clamoring for it. That beer’s popularity is well documented and its fans stretch across the state despite Revolver’s relative newness.

Luckily for Blood & Honey fans, Sangre y Miel delivers something delicious, well-executed but wholly different than Blood & Honey. Dryer, slightly tart and with a depth of flavor that is far different than Blood & Honey, it’s actually lighter and crisper on the palate. The wine characteristics are a large part of why it’s dryer, but the continued fermentation with the souring bacteria that inevitably made its way in via the barrels means the latent sweetness in Blood & Honey slides away quite a bit. Rest assured, you’ll still be able to recognize where Sangre y Miel comes from, but it’s far from a basic retread.

One of the longest lines at all of last Saturday’s Untapped Festival in Dallas was for the tapping of Sangre y Miel, so it’s obvious the beer-loving public is excited. Its limited release around the area will likely have this sought-after nectar sucked dry very soon.

Sangre y Miel launched this week at The Bearded Lady and Pour House in Fort Worth, and is part of a Lower Greenville Block Party on Thursday, where it will be on tap at The Bottle Shop. Flying Saucer Fort Worth and the Ginger Man Southlake, among several others, are expected to have it on draft, and Central Market is expected to have it available for growlers to go soon.

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