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Halloween crafts, snacks for a monster bash

Looking to take your kids’ Halloween party up a notch this year? Then we’ve got you covered. From spooky treats to terrifying drinks, these six easy-to-replicate DIY tricks will help turn your Allhallows Eve party into the monster of all bashes.

All materials purchased from Michaels, Target and Dollar Tree.

A bloody mess

A frightening take on a classic drink, bloody syringe shirley temples are a great way to add some extra creepiness to your party menu. While party throwers will love how easy it is to throw the drink together, kids will enjoy the ability to dispense as much “blood” into their drinks as they want.

What you’ll need:

Clear cup or glass

Plastic syringe

Cherry grenadine

7 Up or Sprite

Decorative paper straw

What to do: Take a clear cup or glass and fill it 3/4 of the way with 7 Up or Sprite. Next, take a syringe and fill it up with cherry grenadine. Place the syringe carefully into the mason jar so that none of the cherry grenadine leaks out. To finish, add a decorative paper straw and serve.

The great pumpkin

Although Halloween pumpkins are primarily used as jack-o-lanterns, there are plenty of other great ways to utilize the festive squash. Cut open and hollowed out, pumpkins are a creative way for you to serve your guests chips, candy or — our favorite option — drinks.

What you’ll need:

Large pumpkin

Bowl (should be able to fit inside pumpkin)


Large spoon


Bottled or can drinks


What to do: Working on a flat, clean surface covered with newspaper, begin making your drink holder by cutting off the top portion of the pumpkin. Next, take a large spoon and scoop out all of the pumpkin’s pulp and seeds until it is completely clean. Once finished, take your bowl and place it inside the pumpkin. If the bowl does not fit, take your knife and shave down the inside edges. To finish, fill the bowl with ice and drinks.

Spellbinding treats

Looking to cast a bewitching spell on the taste buds of your little ghouls and goblins? These super sweet (and cute) Witch Hat Cookies are a sure fire way to do so.

What you’ll need:

Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies

Orange frosting

Hershey Kisses

Sprinkles (optional)

What to do: Begin by taking a cookie and turning it upside down so that its chocolate coated side is facing up. Next, pipe a dollop of orange frosting in the center of the cookie. To finish, take a Hershey Kiss and push it slowly down into the middle of the frosting. (Tip: For extra Halloween flair, add sprinkles to each cookies ring of frosting.)

Pick your poison

Toast to a haunting good time with the help of these adorable (and slightly miniature) mummy milk glasses.

What you’ll need:

Miniature glass milk bottle

Googly eyes

Hot glue gun

Decorative paper straw


Cheesecloth or gauze

What to do: Begin by taking a pair of scissors and cut several long strips of cheesecloth. Next, take one of the strips and wrap it around your glass milk bottle. When you’ve wrapped it tightly around, secure the strip of cheesecloth on each end by applying adhesive with your glue gun. Continue wrapping strips of cheesecloth around the milk bottle until it is entirely covered. Once covered, take a pair of googly eyes and glue them to the face area of the milk bottle. To finish, fill with your drink of choice, add a fun paper straw and enjoy.

Death by candy

Inspired by pricier versions from Williams-Sonoma and Target, this do-it-yourself serving tier is a great way to serve up Halloween treats without breaking the bank.

What you’ll need:

Two hard plastic goblets

Two hard plastic plates or baskets

Hot glue gun

Small craft stones (optional)

Note: If the plates or baskets you have chose are not Halloween colors, we suggest purchasing some type of craft paint to give them a more spooky feel.

What to do: Begin by creating the base of your serving tier. To do so, take either a hard plastic plate or basket and lay it on a flat service. Then taking one of your goblets and a glue gun, glue the bottom of your goblet’s stem to the middle of your plate/basket. At this time, those who purchased craft stones can add them to the inside of the goblet. This should add weight to the serving tier and prevent it from toppling over.

Next, take your glue gun and apply a large amount of glue along the rim of the goblet. Once applied, take your other plate/basket and place it on top of the goblet. Make sure to press down firmly until the goblet and the plate/basket are adhered to each other. To finish, glue the bottom of your second goblet to the middle of your top plate/basket. When done, fill with treats.

The witching hour

For the health conscious host or hostess, Halloween doesn’t have to be all about sugary treats. Using only pretzels, string cheese and chives, these witches’ broomstick treats are super tasty without being sinful.

What you’ll need:

String cheese sticks

Pretzel sticks



What to do: Begin by taking a string cheese stick and cut it in half. Next, take a pretzel stick and carefully stick it into the uncut side of one of the string cheese pieces. To make the bristles, cut thin 1-inch slices into the bottom portion of the cheese. To finish, take a piece of chive and gently tie it around the top portion of the cheese. If needed, trim the excess chive.