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Eats Beat: Classic rock and pizza at the Rock

Finally, the Rock is cooking.

And it turns out the Rock Wood Fired Kitchen in Alliance Town Center does not have anything to do with “The Rock,” or rocks, or Rockwood Park.

The rock in the name is classic rock music, served up in huge helpings at the first Texas location of the Washington-based pizza and burger chain restaurant.

The rock-song-name theme is carried out in almost excruciating detail, with a menu offering dishes from the “Stairway to Heaven” pizza to the “Hurts So Good” burger.

The pizzas aren’t in the same league as Cane Rosso’s or Thirteen/Fireside Pies’, but they’re the best you can find in the sea of pizzerias along Heritage Trace Parkway.

The signature “Crazy Train” pizza has pepperoni, peppered bacon, pepper-hot spicy sausage and hot peppers.

Even by Texas standards, it’s spicy.

The favorite dish of online reviewers in the Rock’s Tacoma, Wash., home is one of the simplest: mozzarella cheese bread with a sprinkling of brown sugar.

The Rock has dining rooms, a busy bar and a patio that wasn’t finished yet by midweek. It’s a big destination restaurant on the eastern edge of Alliance Town Center.

It’s open from 11:30 a.m. daily at 3351 Texas Sage Trail (but really at the corner of Heritage Trace Parkway and Old Denton Road), 817-741-7625,

No time for Prime

If you had “11 months” in the pool for “how long will a prime steakhouse last in Mansfield,” you win.

Primo’s Mexican Cuisine and Cantina will replace Prime Grille on Matlock Road, our corporate cousin Mansfield News-Mirror reported this week.

Manager Robert Talley takes over as owner and promises a Tex-Mex restaurant a “step above” casual Mansfield counterparts.

Prime started as Prime Mansfield with a former hotel chef, then downscaled.

The new name faces confusion with the unrelated Primo’s Tex-Mex restaurant in Garland, which formerly operated in Dallas and once planned a Fort Worth location.

Also, in downtown Mansfield, landowners have dropped plans for a steakhouse involving chef Juan Rodriguez. He remains at Reata in Fort Worth.

Righteously Stumped

The new Righteous Foods opened to morning crowds this week. I’ll write more later, but some quick notes:

• Yes, it’s really open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. six days for breakfast and lunch, closed Sundays. It’s a casual cafe, not a reservations-only dinner house.

• Yes, there’s Stumptown Coffee or breakfast to go. Come in the side door.

• Yes, the patio is dog-friendly. Come in the side gate.

• And say yes to a “Stump-chata” coffee-and-coconut drink; 3405 W. Seventh St. at Boland Street,