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New & notable book: ‘The Lost Island’

Who doesn’t love a good caper? The Lost Island, the third Gideon Crew adventure novel from the bestselling writing team of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, opens with a doozy.

Gideon, the former art thief-turned nuclear scientist-turned private spy, is asked to swipe a page from the historic Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript revered as Ireland’s greatest national treasure. The book is on display in a New York museum, but the extensive security measures are unbeatable.

Naturally, our hero needs only 60 seconds, a few small explosives and an innocuous canister of sunblock (SPF 70) to pull off the impossible heist. Easy peasy, story over, right? Not quite.

Turns out there’s a treasure map underneath the parchment’s priceless artwork — and off goes Crew, a man living on borrowed time, on another, even grander adventure.

Preston and Child, better known for their supernatural mysteries featuring Special Agent Pendergast, always go big in their storytelling. The Lost Island is no exception. On a remote island along the Caribbean Mosquito Coast, Gideon will find an extraordinary treasure that “will change the world.”

— David Martindale


by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Grand Central Publishing, $27

Audiobook: Hachette Audio, $30; read by voice-actor David W. Collins.