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Texas brew review: Community Texas Pils

Texas is a big state. It takes quite a bit to unify all the corners of such a large area, but organizations like the Texas Craft Brewers Guild and Open the Taps seek to bring benefit to all the Texas brewing community. But what about craft beer-focused bars and restaurants across the state? Although they don’t produce it, their role in transmitting craft beer to the public is just as important. This is where the Texas Tavern League comes in.

Although still a small, young organization, TTL has gathered some of Texas’ premier craft beer establishments as its members, with bars in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Waco and four in Dallas (The Common Table, Craft & Growler, Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House, and Jack Mac’s Swill & Grill).

To stay in touch with the breweries whose products it loves so much and to offer something unique to its members, the league has collaborated with four Texas breweries on beers that have been offered first to league members as a membership perk.

The strong Dallas connection helped land a second collaboration beer last August. It was such a hit for Community Beer Co. and so perfect for Texas summers that the brewery decided to bottle and release it as a summer seasonal this year.

Texas Pils is a German-style pilsner, which means it features a healthy dose of earthy and somewhat floral hops and a medium malt backbone. The bottled version is a bit different than the original Texas Tavern League brew, as it features a new hop variety called Hallertau Blanc, which adds that extra floral, slightly funky kick. Hops are a big player with this beer, and with that comes some bitterness. However, its clean finish helps it remain easy-drinking and refreshing.

Look for more collaboration brews from the Texas Tavern League, and visit its member establishments to support those who are doing right by beer.

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Brewer’s Ball: As part of NTX Beer Week, the Inaugural Brewer’s Ball will take place Nov. 7 at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas. The event will feature rare beers and meet-and-greets with brewmasters and owners of more than 40 national and local breweries. Food is being provided by 12 of DFW’s top restaurants, with Texas Tavern League members The Common Table, Goodfriend and Jack Mac s contributing. Tickets are $125, and are being limited to 500 for the intimate event. They go on sale Friday at