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Four things to love about ‘Sharknado 2’

Four things to love about ‘Sharknado 2’

Sharks on a plane: Samuel L. Jackson thought all those snakes on a plane meant trouble! S2 opens with an insane 12-minute sequence in which Fin and April’s New York-bound flight collides with a shark storm.

Naturally, Fin is the first to notice something amiss when he spots a shark out on the wing of the plane, a scene reminiscent of a classic Twilight Zone episode featuring William Shatner. Also naturally, it’s going to be up to Fin to land the jumbo jet.

Uniquely New York: The city is practically a character in the movie, shot in 18 days in February at various locations throughout the Big Apple. There’s a shark attack at Citi Field, home of the Mets. (Monday was Sharknado Day at Citi Field, with Ian Ziering throwing out the first pitch.)

There’s also a shark attack in the subway system. And a scene with sharks raining on Liberty Island, which results in a truly bizarre visual: Lady Liberty’s disembodied head rolling down the street like a giant bowling ball.

Celebrity cameos: Here are just some of the famous faces: Matt Lauer and Al Roker of the Today show and Stephanie Abrams of the Weather Channel provide up-to-the-minute coverage and commentary.

A shark makes an unscheduled appearance on Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan’s talk show. Judd Hirsch (of the 1970s sitcom Taxi) is Fin’s cabbie. Robert Hays (of the ’80s movie Airplane!) is the pilot in the opening segment. And Subway sandwich spokesman Jared Fogle is a passenger on the doomed subway train.

Chainsaws: The seminal moment in the first movie was when Fin, swallowed whole by a shark, uses a chainsaw to cut his way out. In this one, Fin wields a massive 45-pound saw that he uses to bisect an oncoming shark in a nifty, no-look, over-the-shoulder maneuver that’s part Samurai swordsman and part Magic Johnson.

— David Martindale