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Mr. Modem: Create a one-stop shop for email

How can I consolidate all my email accounts into one so I don’t have to keep checking each one individually?

EmailTray is a free mail client that works with virtually all email accounts and consolidates them under one digital roof. It can analyze your Read, Reply, Delete and Forward actions, as well as interact with email senders. It can also rank incoming email by importance and notify you accordingly.

In addition, it can scan Spam folders to recover important messages mistakenly characterized as spam. EmailTray works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. For complete information, visit

What is ‘whittling’ within the context of computers?

Whittling was first reported in 2007 as a surgical procedure designed to alter a patient’s thumbs in order to better use hand-held devices. Case in point: A hefty-fingered Colorado man had a difficult time using the tiny keyboard on his iPhone until he had his thumbs whittled.

The theory was that the procedure provides improved workplace efficiency and even employability for certain individuals. The procedure described involves making small incisions and shaving down bones within the thumbs, followed by micro-surgical muscular modification and reattachment.

If the above causes you to raise your eyebrows (non-surgically), good for you! Whittling was a fairly sophisticated hoax that reeled in a lot of believers and gained some fairly widespread media exposure — including duping ZDNet ( duped).

Is there a way to determine if a free program is safe to download? The site is and it has a particular font I would like to use that is not on my computer. By the way, how do they make money offering free programs?

Beyond your anti-virus and anti-malware software protection, there really isn’t any definitive way to know if something is safe, though if a site is well known and enjoys a good reputation, chances are anything downloaded will be safe. If the site is unfamiliar to you, run a Google search to determine what others have to say about it.

You can usually look through a few search results and find sufficient information to determine if an outfit is legitimate. In this instance, I am familiar with, and it is legitimate.

A site like this makes money by selling advertisements displayed on the site and from revenue-sharing arrangements with font authors. The site serves as a clearinghouse, so font authors contribute their fonts in hopes that visitors will find them and, in the case of paid fonts, purchase them.