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Dallas chef John Tesar to star in a reality show

Controversial Dallas chef and former Top Chef contestant John Tesar, most recently a viral sensation after a Twitter and Facebook war against Dallas Morning News restaurant critic Leslie Brenner, is getting his own reality show. According to Teresa Gubbins over at Culture Map, he will star in a series where he will make “Gordon Ramsay-style visits to restaurants” and help them “improve their game.”

Unlike with Ramsay though, Tesar says that the show -- still in the early pre-production stages at this point with no word on a network or air date -- there will be “less screaming.”

Tesar has recently opened two Dallas restaurants, Spoon at Preston Center, and Knife at Hotel Palomar at Central and Mockingbird. It was the latter that caused the firestorm with Brenner who gave the restaurant three out of five stars in a recent review.

He responded by tweeting, “[expletive] you! Your reviews are misleading poorly written, self-serving and you have destroyed the star system and you really suck.”

On Facebook, he banned her from any of his eateries.

Tesar has long been known for colorful behavior. In 2011, D Magazine declared him “the most hated chef in Dallas.”

He was at the center of some drama during the 10th season of Top Chef in which he was a contestant.

Anthony Bourdain, the chef and author turned TV celebrity with his shows No Reservations and now Parts Unknown, told D Magazine that “he once hurled a steel plan at Tesar’s head in a New York kitchen.”

But he went on to say, “I bear him no animosity. John provided a lot of great drama, a lot of great food, a lot of great stories. He’s never going to be Person of the Year, but what chef is?”