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Concert review: Ryan Thomas Becker at the Magnolia Motor Lounge

There aren’t a lot of people in Funkytown who have done more for the music scene than Tony Diaz. As the former producer for KTCU-FM’s The Good Show, the John Rody webcast at Mambo’s, and the driving force behind the Fort Worth Rock Assembly, he has done so much to promote young bands and live music in general — as well as fronting his own band, Goodwin. So when I found out they were having a birthday party for him at Magnolia Motor Lounge on Saturday afternoon I had to be there.

Tony is known for putting on huge events with multiple bands, but this was just a small gathering. Ryan Thomas Becker of RTB2 was taking the stage when I got there. He started off the set with As Long As I Have You (Chuck Martin and the Honey Drippers), then launched into some of his own music.

More than one person has submitted to me the fact that Becker is not famous nationally as proof that the music industry is broken, and I agree. The man is an amazing songwriter and performer. Becker has an engaging and an emotive voice, and even more engaging stage presence. You could be stone deaf and enjoy his performance; as he contorts his way through a song, his strained facial expressions drive home the emotion of the song.

Becker’s vocal and guitar skill, and his uncanny sense of musical timing have kept him in demand for collaborations with other artists (as well as his own solo bookings). In fact, prior to playing the Motor Lounge he performed at the Red Bud Festival in Denton. He still plays with his band RTB2, as well as The Satans of Soft Rock, and Hares on the Mountain, a band he describes as “danger folk.” They have an EP coming out this summer, and a full-length LP later in the year.

“I've been playing on a few peoples’ records,” Becker said. “This gal Madison King from Dallas who just released a new record. [I’m] Trying to play wherever, whenever however I can. Most nights and weekends.”

As for Tony, he’s busy putting together the third annual Rock Assembly. The details are pretty hush-hush, but the bits and pieces of leaked info I’m getting promises it will be a great one.


Saturday, April 12

Magnolia Motor Lounge

3005 Morton St, Fort Worth

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