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Send us Mom’s cherished recipe

Most of us owe at least a small debt of culinary gratitude to our mothers and grandmothers — those women who, for generations, have worked so hard in the kitchen to put special meals on the table for their families.

Do you have a cherished family recipe passed down through Mom or Grandma that you’d like to share? We want you to send it to us, along with the story about it, to consider for a Mother’s Day package on moms’ recipes.

If yours is picked, we will contact you for an interview and photo shoot.

By submitting a recipe, you agree to have your name, photo, recipe and story published in the Star-Telegram and on

What to send: Please send the full recipe — must include name of dish, yield, list of ingredients and complete cooking instructions, including cooking time and temperature — along with an essay of no more than 250 words that explains where the recipe came from and why it’s special. Don’t forget to mention how the recipe has been handed down through your mom, grandma, great-grandmother, mother-in-law, godmother or any other special “mom” you honor on Mother’s Day — living or deceased.

Limit one recipe per household, but the recipe may have multiple components. Recipes can be for entrees, desserts, starters, side dishes — if your family loves it, it qualifies.

Please make sure the recipe includes ingredients that are currently available, and if something is hard to find, tell us where to get it.

Entries must include your name, city of residence, daytime phone number and email address. A photo of the dish or family is optional.

Send to: Email with “Family recipes” in the subject line. Or send hard copies to “Family recipes,” Features Dept./Star-Telegram, 808 Throckmorton St., Fort Worth, TX 76102.

Deadline: Recipes must be emailed or postmarked by April 26.