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Ask Mr. Modem: You can go Home again

When I’m visiting websites, I notice that some Web pages are almost endless and require major scrolling. When I’ve gone as far as I need to go and want to get back to the top, there must be a faster way than scrolling back up through the material I just read. I figure if anybody will know, you will, Mr. M. Please help.

Some Web pages are monsters that scroll on endlessly. If you find your scroll wheel starting to smoke or your finger beginning to spasm, you can rocket back to the top with one quick keystroke. Just press the Home key (located above the arrow keys on most keyboards), and you will be instantly transported to the top of the page.

This tip works just about everywhere, so give it a try. In some programs, you might need to press CTRL + Home, but whenever you find yourself pages deep within a document, spreadsheet or Web page, remember the Home key.

Could you please explain what a splash screen is? My IT person at work told me to press a certain key when the splash screen appears, but I have no idea what that means.

When you launch (open) an application, the splash screen appears prior to the appearance of the actual program. A splash screen typically contains the name of the program, its version number, the vendor’s logo and only appears for a second or two as it is “splashed” on the screen.

I received an eBook reader last Christmas and have since bought quite a few books. I enjoy reading books on my tablet, but it’s starting to get quite expensive. Is there anywhere I can download free electronic books to read? Thanks, Mr. M.

Due to the explosion in eBook popularity (no injuries have been reported), most public libraries today maintain a large selection of electronic books in addition to books in print, so the first step is to determine if your library has Kindle or other eBooks. You can usually find this information by visiting your library’s website. Assuming it does have eBooks, while the specifics of each library system differ, overall the process is quite easy and it begins where borrowing a library book always begins: With a library card. If you don’t have one, you will need to get one. (No physical examination or blood work is required.)

The nice thing about checking out eBooks from the library is that you don’t have to actually go to the library. Because they’re eBooks, you can download them from your library’s website, any time day or night, 24/7, and no worries about late book-return charges.