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King cake in cocktail form

Just when we thought they couldn’t possibly come up with one more dessert-y variety of vodka, we saw a new king-cake flavor and thought, “Pour me some of that, mister!”

Made by Pinnacle — the sweet-toothed folks behind vodka flavors like cotton candy, red “liquorice,” pumpkin pie, rainbow sherbet and even Cinnabon — this one hit shelves just in time for Fat Tuesday.

King cake, of course, is the treat most closely associated with Mardi Gras. It’s often braided into a ring, baked with a tiny plastic baby inside, frosted and topped with green, purple and gold sugar sprinkles.

Pinnacle says the 70-proof king-cake vodka tastes of cinnamon cake, vanilla frosting and sugar.

The limited-edition spirit is being made available only in Texas, Louisiana and Missouri. We found it locally at select Spec’s liquor stores for about $11, along with a 60-proof king-cake-flavored vodka by Taaka.

In a recent taste test by the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the tasters preferred Taaka, but one sipper, a New Orleans native, said, the Pinnacle took her back to her childhood: “It smells like if you took an old McKenzie’s king cake and sniffed the bag.”

Here are two drink recipes, provided by Pinnacle, that will make Fat Tuesday that much sweeter.

Pinnacle coffee king

Makes 1 drink

1 part Pinnacle King Cake vodka

1 part Kamora coffee liqueur

2 parts cream

Shake all ingredients with ice. Pour into double old fashioned glass.

Pinnacle apple float

Makes 1 drink

1 part Pinnacle King Cake vodka

3 parts apple cider

Build over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with cinnamon sticks.