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Mobilewalla: Herding cats is easier with a smartphone

Cat lovers can bring their love of frisky felines to their mobile devices by installing any of these popular kitty apps.

Apple apps

Cats vs Dragons (Free)* In Cats vs Dragons, the gamer plays a kitty hero named Lynx, who sets forth on a fantasy role-playing game adventure to save the world from dragons. (Mobilewalla score: 99/100)

The Cat in the Hat ($3.99)* The classic children’s tale of a mischievous cat is updated with interactive features in this delightful digital version. (Score: 99/100)

Garfield’s Pet Hospital (Free)* In this app, the player helps Garfield run a veterinary clinic where things are very busy, and Garfield’s goofy friends, like Odie, don’t always help. (Score: 91/100)

Kitty Cat Pet: Dress Up & Play (Free)* Kitty Cat Pet gives the player a virtual kitty to dress up, feed, play with and groom. (Score: 91/100)

Hello Kitty Wallpapers — Retina Edition (Free) If you love Hello Kitty, this app will fill your screen with Hello Kitty’s white-and-pink adorableness in Retina Display-appropriate resolution. (Score: 89/100)

Android apps

Nyan Cat: Lost in Space (Free)* The famous pixelated kitty Nyan is journeying through space in this old-school-type arcade adventure. (Mobilewalla score: 99/100)

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free (Free)* Everyone’s favorite talking cat has a new “bigger, better, fun-ner” version of his app. Speak with Tom and play new games in this sequel. (Score: 99/100)

Cat Wallpapers! (Free) Five hundred photos of cute kitties are available to grace your screen as wallpaper; you also can submit photos of your cute kitty. (Score: 98/100)

Cat Fancy Magazine (Monthly Subscription)* Cat Fancy is the favorite magazine of cat lovers, and it’s now available in this digital version. (Score: 94/100)

Cat Hair Salon (Free)* Little girls will love Cat Hair Salon. The app allows them to groom a beautiful virtual white kitten and dress her up in fun outfits. (Score: 93/100)

*Available on Apple and Android.