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Texas brew review: Quakertown Stout is a winter wonder

It seems that every time we get comfortable with the weather this winter, another crazy cold snap rolls in and has us unpacking the parka one more time.

Attire is important, but staying prepared for cold weather should reflect in your drink choices as well.

No, we’re not talking about hot chocolate here. However, this week’s beer does have similarities to the sweet winter mainstay.

Quakertown Stout by Armadillo Ale Works ($6 for a 22-ounce bottle) is big and roasty and has all the characteristics of a cold-weather beverage, but with benefits. The coffee and chocolate flavors go great with its robust body and make this a great beer to sip by a fire. The 9.2 percent alcohol by volume will warm your belly, too.

Lest you be intimidated by the dark, stout nature of this beer, understand that its decadent qualities make it a beer to be enjoyed slowly, perhaps even shared.

Quakertown, available at Total Wine and World Market and on taps throughout DFW, can be a bit filling, but so can chocolate cake. Beer is fun; so is dessert. Kill two birds with one awesome stone here.

Armadillo Ale Works is a relatively new brewery founded in Denton but brewing at Deep Ellum Brewing Co. in Dallas. In the business world, it’s not that common to see a more established business lend a hand to an up-and-comer, but the cooperative spirit of the craft beer industry is one of its most endearing qualities.

So, when it snaps back to 30 or 40 degrees again in a week (heck, maybe tomorrow; you can never tell in North Texas), snag a bottle of Quakertown instead of cocoa. It will keep your insides warm longer.

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