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New on DVD: ‘Dallas Buyers Club,’ starring Matthew McConaughey

DVD Dallas Buyers Club: Matthew McConaughey just keeps getting better and better, turning in performances that are layered and powerful while portraying characters who are resolutely of a particular time and place. But he might find it hard to top himself after Dallas Buyers Club, the flawed but moving drama based on a true story from the ’80s about a North Texas man battling both AIDS and the government. Jared Leto, as his cross-dressing friend Rayon, is almost as equally affecting. But the movie is a bit simplistic, telescoping this era of the AIDS crisis into a very viewer-friendly good guys versus bad guys when the truth probably has more shades of gray. On top of that, the ’80s Dallas that this movie portrays feels wrong, like some outsider’s dim view of what Dallas must have been like. On DVD and Blu-ray.

— Cary Darling

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