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Classic Chevrolet is No. 1 Chevy dealer again — by one vehicle

You think Nascar has close races? Try the photo finish that Grapevine’s Classic Chevrolet pulled off to keep its title as the nation’s No. 1 Chevy dealer.

Classic is sort of the dealership world’s version of Nascar’s Jimmy Johnson, but better. It had seven straight wins as the top Chevy dealer coming into 2013 and then won again — by one vehicle.

Final score: Classic, 4,734; New York’s Bob Johnson Chevrolet, 4,733.

Look at it this way: If Classic’s margin of victory was expressed as a percentage of the length of a Chevy Camaro, it would be four-hundredths of an inch.

And, of course, it came down to the last day, which saw Classic move 140 new Chevys to give it 683 for the month of December. We’ve always heard you could get a good deal on a new car at the end of the year, but those were probably some really good deals.

“The gave us a fight, but nothing can stop our team when we set our mind to a goal,” Classic’s general sales manager, Eric Bryant, said in a news release.

Staubach picks

There are worse sources for a Super Bowl prediction than Roger Staubach, the legendary former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who has built a successful career in real estate.

He’s going with the Denver Broncos — and not only because of their QB.

Staubach, executive chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle, has based his prediction for the Super Bowl winner for the last 13 years based on which city has the higher office vacancy rate.

The Mile High City has a vacancy rate of 13.9 percent, compared to 12.5 percent in Seattle. So he picks the Broncos over the Seahawks in Sunday’s big game.

Staubach’s record is pretty good. In the past 13 years, the city with the higher vacancy rate has won the Lombardi Trophy 8 times. Last year, Baltimore edged out San Francisco, with a 15.5 percent vacancy rate vs. 11.8 percent.

Staubach was the Super Bowl MVP in 1972.

“Peyton Manning is one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time,” Staubach said. “I believe in our JLL formula, but more importantly, I also believe in Peyton and I know he’s going to get the job done for the Broncos and the great people of Denver on Sunday night.”

Billboards tout end of Wright Amendment

In case you didn’t know the Wright Amendment restrictions are expiring in October, Southwest Airlines is giving you plenty of reminders as you enter Dallas Love Field.

Three billboards sit at the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Cedar Springs Lane in Dallas, proclaiming that the end of Wright is near — 37 weeks away, to be exact, according to one of the signs.

There are more than a dozen Wright Amendment billboards along Mockingbird Lane with sayings like “Let’s Re-Wright the Rules on Love,” “Nonstop Love. All Flight Long,” and “It’s not ‘Like’ Field.”

The Wright Amendment restrictions, which have limited direct flights out of Love to a handful of nearby states since the 1970s, are scheduled to expire in October and open up flights to any destination in the U.S.

Southwest hasn’t yet announced its plans for expanded nonstop routes out of Love Field. It’s expected to reveal the flights when it updates its schedule this spring.