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More than ever

University of Texas student Kristopher Novak, who was featured in the August issue of K Magazine, hasn’t backed out of his monumental commitment to ride a bicycle the more than 4,500 miles from Austin to Alaska next summer.

In fact, he’s more committed than ever to the Texas 4000 program, which benefits people stricken with cancer. Not only has he kept a rigorous fitness schedule, which includes core muscle training as well as cardio workouts, he’s raised money for the trip.

“It is going fantastic so far,” Novak says. “I have received so many generous donations. Right now I stand at $2,634, which is almost 33 percent of my $8,000 goal. I hope to keep visiting marketplaces all over Austin and to keep spreading our mission of hope, knowledge and charity.”

Despite the Texas heat and the inherent rigors of long distance cycling, Novak has had a largely pain-free summer, but for one minor setback.

“It took some time to get used to the road bike, mainly due to the clipless pedals,” he said. “I noticed that I was having some ankle stiffness after longer rides, so I may need to get a better bike fit soon so that the stiffness does not become something worse. Fortunately, that seems to be the extent of the issues I’ve had.”

By the end of November, Novak and his fellow Texas 4000 teammates are expected to have ridden 200 training miles. In addition, he’s agreed to 15 hours of community service during the fall semester.

“One of our activities is called Dell’s Children’s Survivor Challenge, where we train and run with children from Dell’s hospital,” he said. Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas is located in Austin.

If you’d like to help, go to Novak’s personal donation page at For more info on the Texas 4000, check out


Freelancer Brett Weiss enjoys cycling along the Trinity River in Fort Worth.