The Keller Magazine

The Keller Magazine

New Energy

There’s no better time than the start of the new year to give your home a new look. These decorator tips and tricks make updating your home both affordable and easy.

The Keller Magazine

Chef Drew

Feeding an apetite for the culinary arts he has cultivated with this grandmother, 12-year-old Drew Shavor continues to hone his craft with plenty of practice — much to the delight of his family.

The Keller Magazine

Turducken, Piecaken, Cherpumple, oh my!

Whether its foods that go together, or others that have no business being on the same table, food mashups are gaining popularity. We discover the origin of some popular mashups and find out where we can buy some of these crazy creations around the Metroplex.

The Keller Magazine

The lucky one

William Dillard of Keller knows he’s a lucky man. Dillard is like millions of others worldwide orphaned during childhood, whose lives hang in the balance between adoption into happy, loving homes and being bounced between foster homes and orphanages, struggling to find stability.

The Keller Magazine

A Soaring Passion

David Patterson always wanted to fly. As a pre-teen, he shuttled between parents in Los Angeles and San Jose, Calif., on PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines), the “smiley jets.” Although the trip lasted only an hour, Patterson thought the view out the window was spectacular. The summer after his 10th-grade year, he called a friend, Jeff, “just to catch up.” Jeff said he was taking a summer school course on aviation careers at the local airport, and as part of the course, the school district was paying for two hours of flight lessons. Patterson promptly signed up for the same course.

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TCU’s Jamie Dixon talks depth issues down stretch

TCU coach Jamie Dixon has seen five players from his opening day roster either transfer and/or sustain season-ending injuries. The Frogs are determined to make it work down the stretch.