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Irons with Fire

Good news for golfers! A year after bringing the Hogan brand name back to golf clubs, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Co. recently introduced more products at the industry’s annual PGA Merchandise Show. The Fort Worth-based company just rolled out a second set of irons, called PTx, as well as a line of VKTR hybrids designed to appeal to a wider spectrum of golfers. The new “game improvement” irons are designed to be slightly more forgiving than the Fort Worth 15 model released a year ago. And like the first Hogan irons, the PTx set is uniquely numbered by loft, starting at 32 degrees rather than the traditional 3-9. Positioned at the high end of the market, the PTx irons are priced starting at $169 apiece. Hogan says its new club design uses a novel “co-forging” process to provide better performance and feel than traditional cavity-back irons. The hybrids, designed to replace long irons, come with their own innovation: interchangeable weights around the perimeter of the club that allow players to customize ball flights. And, Hogan clubs are once again being made in Fort Worth, at the company’s facility in the former Star-Telegram printing and distribution facility at I-35W and I-20. Hogan clubs, aimed at core golfers who play regularly, are being sold at more than 400 pro shops as well as PGA Tour Superstores and some Edwin Watts retail locations. The new clubs will begin shipping in April. For more information about the Fort Worth 15 clubs, visit