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It’s time to give Mom something from the heart

Photographs make unique Mother’s Day gifts.
Photographs make unique Mother’s Day gifts. TNS

Dear Readers: Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and it’s such an important time to honor the woman who gave so much so you can be your very best!

How will you celebrate it? Breakfast in bed? A bouquet of flowers? A pedicure? A gift card? All good choices for her. Homemade art projects made by the little ones will tug at Mom’s heart.

And if your mom is no longer with you, be sure to take a moment to reflect, and maybe call somebody else’s mom just to say hello.



Dear Heloise: We just found out we are going to be grandparents! I saved our daughter’s crib from when she was a baby in hopes that she could use it.

I see that the crib has some green mold on it. My question is, Will it still be all right for our daughter to use for our grandbaby? What do you suggest we use to clean it?

Roxanne H., Orwigsburg, Pa.

Dear Roxanne: Congratulations on becoming grandparents! How exciting! Surely you will enjoy all the cuddles and snuggles, love and laughter a new baby brings.

About the old crib: There are many ways to repurpose a crib, but using it for your newest family member is NOT one of them. Cribs have gone through many safety redesigns over the years.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.CPSC.gov) states that cribs older than 10 years should not be reused for a new baby. The screws and bolts can loosen, the slats probably are not the correct recommended width, and drop-side cribs have been banned altogether.

Bottom line: A new crib should be on your shopping list. Relegate the old one to the garden, maybe, and have some plants grow around it.



Dear Heloise: I had a scratch on a wood table. I discovered that the meat of a pecan or a walnut will cover the scratch.

I break the meat in half and rub it into the scratch until it feels warm. The scratch looks better in about 30 seconds.

Wendy R., Fort Wayne, Ind.


Dear Readers: When applying moisturizer to a clean face, don’t forget your neck and decolletage (the upper chest). These areas need moisture also — they are exposed to the weather, the sun, the wind, etc. Take the extra moment to tend to them.



Dear Heloise: Sometimes people get agitated in an emergency, even giving out an incorrect address on the phone when calling for help.

Try sticking a return-address sticker on the phone. It’s also a big help to “outsiders” who come to help. It could save valuable lifesaving minutes!

Mary in Washington

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