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Want it your way? Try Hurst, Arlington for grilled cheese, doughnuts

The “Donald Burger” at Del Frisco’s Grille is well-cooked and cheesy with a tiny pickle.
The “Donald Burger” at Del Frisco’s Grille is well-cooked and cheesy with a tiny pickle. Handout photo

Welcome to the Build-Your-Own generation.

The new Grain & Dairy grilled-cheese sandwich and soda cafe opened in Hurst this week, serving the build-yourself sandwich of your choice for $7.

That includes three of the 11 cheeses, part of the almost mind-boggling selection of sandwich toppings and items at the unassuming little counter-service shop on Texas 10 in Hurst.

There are several grilled-cheese shops, including Tom + Chee and the local Lee’s. But Grain & Dairy brings a choice of six breads, the 11 cheeses, eight meats and 11 other toppings such as artichoke heart, asparagus or mushroom.

A chicken-pesto sandwich on sourdough with provolone and Parmesan ($8.50) was understated. Grain & Dairy might need some Sriracha, and what’s with the no ice or cups for the artisan sodas and teas?

There’s a list of 10 specialty sandwiches for those not inclined to self-build. The menu tops out with a brisket-cheddar-havarti grilled cheese ($9.50), or a basic sandwich with cheddar, havarti and gouda on sourdough is $6.50.

Grain & Dairy is open for lunch and dinner daily; 1122 W. Hurst Blvd., 817-616-3062,


Arlington’s new build-your-own shop is all about sweets: Crunch Donut Factory.

Crunch Donut lets customers choose a yeast or cake doughnut and then top it like a cake, with icings, toppings, M&Ms or soft-serve ice cream.

If you’re overwhelmed by the choices, Crunch posts its current Top 10 list at the counter.

On a trip this week, the “B.B. King” blueberry-cream cheese doughnut was a showpiece. A “Samoas Hyack” chocolate-caramel cake doughnut was less successful, because it seemed dry and because it was a twist on the “Samoas” Girl Scout cookies sold elsewhere but not here (here, they’re Caramel deLites).

Other top sellers include a “Scarlet Doughansen” red velvet doughnut — Arlington loves red velvet cake — and a “Katy Cherry” cherry-filled doughnut with cheesecake icing.

Crunch Donut also serves coffees. It’s open 24 hours at 3200 S. Cooper St., one block north of Mayfield Road in one of south Arlington’s endless drab strip shopping centers; 817-200-6790,

Beefed-up humor

Plenty of restaurants will latch onto political campaign gimmicks in the coming weeks, some more successfully than others.

But give Southlake-based Del Frisco’s Grille credit for having fun with the campaign.

A “Donald Burger” is overdone and cheesy, with prime beef and aged cheddar on a gold-leaf bun with — as the Del Frisco’s announcement described — “a side of teeny, tiny little pickles.”

The “Hillary Burger” is wrapped on paper stamped “Classified.”

You have to email the company’s “private server” to learn it’s the regular Grille lamb burger with tzatziki and a side of hot sauce. (Clinton carries the Whole Foods Market store brand, Ninja Squirrel Sriracha, in her purse.)

Del Frisco’s Grille is open for lunch and dinner daily at four regional locations including 154 E. Third St. in Sundance Square, 817-887-9900, and 1200 E. Southlake Blvd. in Southlake Town Square, 817-410-3777;

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