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Revolver Taco Lounge puts new location in its sights

Trout tacos and fixings at Revolver Taco Lounge
Trout tacos and fixings at Revolver Taco Lounge archives

If you follow Fort Worth restaurants and you’re on Facebook, you should be following Revolver Taco Lounge’s Regino Rojas, whose posts never fail to entertain. And inform. As in the case of a PG-13 post he put up Tuesday morning (we’ve made a minor edit to make it more PG).

“Times for change. Looks like this time is fo realz! The new revolver will be a positive result of all my [mess] ups! Food business suck! But i love it!! 2418 forest park will be the home of the new revolver taco lounge for the next 10 years! Yes! the old SERA space! Deep ellum location still on the works!”

This is the latest episode in a saga that began in spring 2015, when Rojas announced that he would close Revolver’s West Seventh location on June 30. Of last year. “Our landlord decided to sell the building without giving us an opportunity to buy the property,” Rojas said then.

Shortly afterward, the Dallas Morning News posted that a new Revolver would open in a few months (again, we’re talking 2015) in Deep Ellum. As you can infer from Rojas’ post above, that’s still happening. Things can move slow in restaurant land. Lease extensions, including a six-month one at the beginning of this year, also happened on West Seventh, allowing Revolver to stay in that location longer than it appeared that it would.

In the interim, Rojas closed his other restaurant, Campestre Chula Vista, after only 10 months in business because of structural problems he said his landlord hadn’t fixed.

Last fall, Sera Dining & Wine also closed, and the Forest Park Boulevard space has been open since. ““Business has just been too erratic to consistently support such a large space in this location,” owner John Marsh told contributor Malcolm Mayhew in an email. “I hated having to come to this decision but I feel like I tried everything I could afford to do to keep it going, so in the end I'm okay with it.”

The Forest Park space has also been home to Sapristi! Bistro & Wine Bar and other restaurants.. Maybe Revolver’s move will stop the revolving door.