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Five beers to keep you upright at Untapped

Oklahoma City’s COOP Ale Works is on board for Untapped Fort Worth
Oklahoma City’s COOP Ale Works is on board for Untapped Fort Worth Courtesy of COOP Ale Works

Untapped Festival rolls into Fort Worth on Saturday and with it comes more beers than any reasonable human can try in one day.

It’s easy to spot the barrel-aged this and imperial that and target those beers. But, in the interest of not getting upside-down too fast (figuratively and literally), here are a few exciting brews to target if you’re looking for something new, exciting or different that is also lower in alcohol.

COOP Ale Works Orange Beerius (5.6% ABV): We don’t see a lot of craft beer coming out of Oklahoma, as the state is still very much catching up to the national wave. COOP Ale Works of Oklahoma City is launching in the area this week and the first chance many will have to try its beers will be at Untapped. It will be pouring eight beers Saturday out of the side of a souped-up 1995 Bluebird school bus. One of the most interesting-sounding ones is a modified version of COOP’s Horny Toad blonde with orange and peach called Beerius. Expect to see COOP’s cans on shelves and taps in bars very soon.

Oasis Texas Brewing Imperial Near Beer (3.7% ABV): A low-alcohol American pale described by head brewer Spencer Tielkemeier as “like the beer your great-great-grandaddy drank during Prohibition, only way more kick-ass.” It will be on cask, which means it will be low in carbonation and high in demand.

Collective Brewing Project Plum Petite Golden Sour (4.5% ABV): Fresh off selling out bottles of Blackberry Petite Golden Sour in less than an hour, Collective is releasing its newest variant on the crowd-favorite beer. This version that’s been fermented with plums takes some of the sour edges off of PGS and gives it a subtle, fruity finish. This one will be refreshing and bright for a hot Saturday.

The Bruery Jardinier (4.5% ABV): California’s The Bruery launched late last year to much fanfare. It produces highly sought-after barrel-aged beers in all manner of beguiling flavor combinations. However, a brewery’s true mettle can sometimes be seen in its simpler offerings, and Jardinier — a delightful Belgian-style beer with a bit of a hop kick — is just that.

Buffalo Bayou Sam’s Strawberry Shortcake (5.8%): The Houston brewery took its Sam’s Daily and and put some interesting twists on it. With the addition of Madagascar vanilla beans and strawberry puree, this modified cream ale is described as extracting the “essence of strawberry without being too sweet.” Should be an interesting thirst quencher.

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