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Shia LaBeouf drops in on Fuel City tacos

Shia LaBeouf, right, in a (cropped) photo from Fuel City Mesquite’s Facebook page
Shia LaBeouf, right, in a (cropped) photo from Fuel City Mesquite’s Facebook page Facebook

Bill Murray buzzed through Fort Worth recently to play at the Colonial Pro-Am and dine at Joe T. Garcia’s and Del Frisco’s. Harrison Ford did a barnstorm tour of Fort Worth restaurants and nightspots last fall.

Shia LaBeouf? He took the unpretentious route, dropping in on Fuel City tacos in Mesquite for a cup of elote. The taco stand posted photographic evidence on its Facebook page.

TMZ reports that LaBeouf is hitchhiking across the United States as part of a performance-art piece, although they don’t talk to him about it in this clip, but rather voice actor Steven Blum. So no Fuel City on TMZ ... yet, at least.

This more detailed piece from Denver-based website say that LaBeouf and his companions have been tweeting their geographic coordinates with the hashtag #TAKEMEANYWHERE. They tweet, then wait for someone to pick them up.

The most recent tweet (at this writing) was sent June 1, with the coordinates, 34°07'17"N 109°17'12"W, hich is close to the Arizona-New Mexico border, if our Google skills are in order. The May 31 tweet was from 34°08'52"N 109°17'45"W, and it doesn’t take much of a Google search to see that there wasn’t much movement from May 31 to June 1. So if they were in Mesquite (32.7668° N, 96.5992° W) on Thursday, they made some pretty good eastward progress. contributor Teresa Gubbins, reporting for her CultureMap Dallas gig, says that LaBeouf stopped at Fuel City around 7 p.m. Thursday. “An employee said the station had no idea he was coming and that the visit itself was pretty low-key,” Gubbins reports: " ‘There wasn't a crowd or anything, someone took a picture, but we got a big reaction on Facebook,’ she said.”

Maybe by the time LaBeouf does another cross-country swing, Fuel City (which also has a Dallas location) will finally be open in Fort Worth.

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