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Cedar Creek proves Patio season is closer than you think

Cedar Creek Patio Pounder is the perfect brew for hot weather.
Cedar Creek Patio Pounder is the perfect brew for hot weather. Special to the Star-Telegram

When it’s “patio season” in Texas, it’s downright lovely. Outdoor areas at restaurants and bars are packed, home porches stay occupied and everyone wants to be outside.

Right now, it is not patio season.

With temperatures scratching triple digits and conditions that vary from “sweltering” to “stifling,” many choose to stay indoors more than out.

Just in case you’re the bold type — and come on, Texas is supposed to be bold — finding ways to stay coolish is essential. Finding shade is a great start. Maybe a pool, river or lake to hop into? Regardless, ice-cold beer is part of the plan for many who want to venture outdoors.

The perfect beer style for scalding-hot weather is hotly debated.

Some might identify wheat ales like witbier or hefeweizen as perfect for the season. Hops are king for many, so you’ll find arguments for IPAs or American pale ales. Still others will tell you something more tart or sour like gose and Berliner Weisse are the only way.

Regardless of all the debate, some seasoned beer aficionados will answer that hot weather calls for the light beer that they might shun in other parts of the year. The “Lights” and “Lites” will always win for some.

Luckily, an increasing number of craft breweries has started producing “pale lagers.”

This term can mean any number of different beer styles. Among them, German lagers like Helles and Dortmunder Export are some of the styles that get overlooked often.

Cedar Creek Brewery in Seven Points — about an hour southeast of Dallas — produces one of the finest examples of Dortmunder Export that our area has to offer.

Patio Pounder is a delightful beer with an unexpected depth of flavor that finishes clean immediately. Nothing about it sticks around, and that’s welcome for hot weather. This characteristic is one that macro light beers often point to as a selling point, and Patio Pounder delivers that without compromising on taste. It has some hop flavor, but only enough to balance out the lightly bready malts. It’s on the lighter side of that particular style, which makes it just about the perfect 100-degree patio beer.

Cedar Creek will celebrate its fifth anniversary on Aug. 5 at the brewery. Admission is free, and you can bet with August weather, Patio Pounder will flow freely. 336 E. Cedar Creek Parkway, Seven Points.

Quick sips

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