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Where to get great (or free) pie on National Pie Day

Pecan pie, a la mode, at Maria Cuca’s in Keller.
Pecan pie, a la mode, at Maria Cuca’s in Keller. Star-Telegram

These days, there’s a Day for everything.

In January alone, we’ve already celebrated National Peking Duck Day (Jan. 18), National Static Electricity Day (Jan. 9) and National Nothing Day (Jan. 16), which also happens to be National Fig Newton Day.

OK, so maybe you didn’t exactly celebrate those occasions. But don’t fret, there’s a day out there to really sink your teeth into.

Like today: National Pie Day!

The American Pie Council declared Jan. 23 is National Pie Day, so that gives you license to indulge in one of the many luscious pies we’ve discovered over the years in Dallas-Fort Worth.

In fact, we have done extensive research on the Life of Pie in North Texas, and are happy to share some of our favorites. (Check that; we’re happy to share information. Not our pie!)

Here is a list of the best pies we tried back in 2012, when we really dug into this topic.

The sweet potato pie at Miz G.’s House of Pies topped that list, but when we called Monday to see if the Bedford shop would be having any National Pie Day specials, we learned there is actually some confusion about the “holiday.”

You see, March 14 is National Pi Day (3/14, get it?), but some people actually celebrate the dessert day then, because, really, how do you celebrate Pi?

So Miz G.’s is closed on Mondays, but you can check out the sweet treats there Tuesday through Saturday.

Meanwhile, you can score a free slice of the famous mile-high pies at Norma’s Cafe, which also made our list, on Monday through 8 p.m. Locations are in Oak Cliff, Dallas and Frisco.

And then there’s always some of our favorite pies to try in Fort Worth, like Swiss Pastry Shop, Paris Coffee Shop, Black Rooster Bakery, Dixie House and Carshon’s, just to name a few.

Grab a fork, and have a great pie day.

The short film, which was honored at this year's Lone Star Film Festival, features the Paris Coffee Shop and its legendary pies.