Fab or flub? We put the HISY gadget to the test

Ever struggle with trying to get that perfect selfie? Your arm shakes as you stretch your phone out and up, as far as you can, trying for the right angle but only achieving a blurred, unidentifiable image.

Or maybe you’ve tried taking a group shot of your friends only to accidentally “decapitate” someone because you couldn’t keep everyone in the shot as you strained your thumb to snap the pic? Well, fret no more, because a tiny new techie gadget called HISY is here to solve all your selfie problems.

HISY (pronounced high-see) is a wireless smartphone camera remote that doesn’t require an app and is available on the HISY website ( for $24.99.

Because it’s Bluetooth-enabled, the remote control syncs seamlessly with Apple-related products (sorry, Android users) and allows you to snap blur-free shots with just the click of a button — eliminating the use of timers and the difficulty of pressing a shutter button (those who snap selfies on a regular basis will be all too familiar with this dilemma).

It also makes taking pictures from a distance easier and ensures that everyone has the chance to be in those group pictures (even the poor person relegated to being the picture-taker). Tiny and lightweight, the circular remote is easy to tote around and even easier to remember thanks to a headphone jack charm that allows you to carry the remote with you everywhere.

I’m not much of a selfie taker. I was, however, highly intrigued by the idea of the HISY. In fact, I wondered why someone had not thought of it already. Or maybe they had and I just hadn’t heard of it. Either way, I was excited to open up my HISY and get started.

First impression

Per the instructions on the box, I tried synching the HISY to my iPhone. At first glance, this seemed easy. You turn on your device’s Bluetooth, then turn on the HISY by pressing its clicker button. The HISY lights up to show that it’s making itself available for your Apple product to find via Bluetooth and, once found, you connect the two together. Simple enough? You’d think.

Unfortunately, I spent a good half-hour trying to get the HISY to sync to my phone; eventually, I concluded that something must be wrong with my phone. Bingo. In my excitement to try out the product, I hadn’t noticed that the box says it is only compatible with the iPhone 4S and above, and I have an iPhone 4. Boo.

Luckily, I do have an iPad mini, so, with a minimal adjustment, I was back in business. Within seconds of attempting to sync my HISY to my iPad, it was hooked up and ready to go. Now for the fun part, taking an abnormal amount of selfies of myself.

Fab or flub?

Fab! From the get go, I knew I liked the HISY. Once I figured out which of my products it was compatible with, it was super easy to set it up and get going. As I said, I don’t take many selfies. I do, however, take lots of group shots with family and friends.

The HISY allows me to prop up my device and snap a group shot without having to worry about setting a timer and rushing back to get into a camera-friendly position. It also ensures that everyone gets in the picture.

I love that I can take tons of cute photos with my Pembroke Welsh corgi and not struggle with keeping him happy in one arm while trying to hit the shutter button of the camera with my other.

Most of all, I like that the HISY also works with the video feature on my iPad mini. At $25, it may be more of a luxury than a necessity — I doubt I would have bought it initially for myself — but it seems like the type of product that once you’ve brought it home, you’re glad that you did. And for hardcore fans of the selfie, this product is a must.