Mobilewalla: Top-rated apps built around kids’ favorite characters and interactive learning

App creators constantly innovate, and nowhere is this more apparent than in kids’ apps. Check out some of the top-rated favorites for children below.

Apple apps

Pou ($1.99)* — A Pou, in this case, is a tiny digital pet that you grow, feed and play games with. Earn points in the game room to get accessories for your Pou. (Mobilewalla score: 99/100)

Best Park in the Universe - Regular Show ($2.99)* — This app for kids over age 9 features characters from Cartoon Network’s Regular Show battling aliens. (Score: 99/100)

Tozzle ($1.99) — Tozzle features 44 interactive puzzles that teach toddlers but also give hints to make sure they succeed every time, encouraging their love of learning. (Score: 99/100)

Letter Quiz - Learn ABCs ($1.99) — This smart app teaches children letters in a progressive way; children learn to identify lower- and uppercase letters and write them. (Score: 94/100)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 ($4.99) — “Harry Potter” fans will enjoy this role-playing game where they can play 100 different characters from the first four books of the series. (Score: 92/100)

Android apps

Farm 123 ($2.99)* — Farm 123 teaches kids to count using fun interactive games featuring cute farm animals. (Mobilewalla score: 97/100)

Kids Alphabet Aquarium School ($1.99)* — This app teaches kids the alphabet with a series of interactive puzzles set in vivid cartoon environments. (Score: 96/100)

Math Genius Brain Trainer (Free) — This app for adults and older kids uses a game to motivate the user to quickly do math problems in order to move forward. (Score: 93/100)

Color Sheep ($0.99)* — This action game requires you to quickly mix colors to protect a herd of sheep from wolves. Older kids will learn to mix colors playing this app. (Score: 93/100)

Toy Story: Smash It! ($0.99)* — Your favorite “Toy Story” characters need your child’s help to solve 90 levels of puzzles in this 3-D physics-based app. (Score: 91/100)

*Available on Apple and Android.