Rezoning sought for an Arlington charter school.

CORRECTION: A proposed charter school in southwest Arlington is not affiliated with Arizona-based Legacy Traditional School, as was originally published in the Star-Telegram and on The planned charter school would be known as International Leadership of Texas.

A charter school company wants to build a campus in southwest Arlington that would serve more than 1,200 students and focus on fitness and nutrition as part of its curriculum.

The Arlington Planning and Zoning Commission has scheduled a public hearing Wednesday on whether to rezone 40 acres of undeveloped land at the southwest corner of Bowen and Bardin roads for an International Leadership of Texas school. It would serve kindergarten through the eighth grade.

The Arlington school, if approved by the City Council, could open Sept. 1.

Plans include an 81,000-square-foot school building, 118 new trees, athletic fields and 190 parking spaces, a city staff report says.

The city has expressed concern that the project will increase traffic congestion on south Bowen Road, where traffic sometimes back up to Interstate 20, Development Planning Manager Gincy Thoppel said.

Based on traffic models, that situation could worsen in when the city eventually extends Bardin Road west of Bowen by 2,100 feet across Rush Creek.

"The concern is probably more for the future rather than right now. In a few years when Bardin does happen, what is the plan? We don't know the plan," Thoppel said. "There has to be significant roadway improvements that need to be done."

To address traffic concerns, the school proposes to stagger pickup and drop-off times for kindergarten through fourth grade and grades five through eight.

"They are trying to make some improvements from their side to alleviate the traffic congestion," Thoppel said.