Wrongful-death suit seeks $16 million from UTA

The parents of an engineering student who died last summer after visiting the University of Texas at Arlington Health Services for a knee injury are seeking $16 million from the university in a wrongful-death suit.

Young Ok Choi and Oh Soon Choi filed the lawsuit in Tarrant County civil court last week on behalf of their son Min Gu Choi, who died at North Hills Hospital on July 10, several days after he went to the health clinic because he injured his right knee while participating in a sporting activity.

The suit alleges that Choi, who was 21, died of a pulmonary embolism or a blood clot that went untreated after the knee injury. The suit did not give details about the sporting activity or how Choi's knee was injured.

"Prior to his visit to the University of Texas at Arlington Health Services, Min Gu Choi did not have any prior medical issues with his right knee," the lawsuit states.

UT Arlington officials declined to comment, referring inquiries to the university's general counsel in Austin. The university's general counsel does not comment on pending litigation.

The Chois and their attorney, Patrick Lee could not be reached for comment.

On July 2, Min Gu Choi went to the health services center because he injured his right knee while playing sports on June 30.

According to the lawsuit, his vital signs were abnormal, and his knee was painful and swollen, and Choi couldn't put any weight on his right knee. He was sent home and told to rest.

On July 9, Choi went back to the health center for a follow-up visit, and his vital signs were still abnormal. Yet, he was released.

That evening, Choi was taken to the North Hills Hospital emergency room, where he died July 10

The suit also alleges that three employees -- including a physician and a nurse -- were negligent and that they failed to recognize problems, such as the abnormal vital signs.

According to court documents, Min Gu Choi's medical expenses were $85,133.89, and his funeral expenses were $11,800.

The suit also stated that Min Gu Choi's income as an engineer was expected to be $4 million during his lifetime.

Each parent is seeking $8 million in damages from the university.

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