Essential 'Twilight': Take a trivia quiz

All right, all you Twilight-ers, the wait is almost over.

Breaking Dawn -- Part 2, the highly anticipated final installment of the "Twilight" movie series, hits theaters Friday, and Stephenie Meyer's bank-breaking story of star-crossed, vampire-to-human love will come to a close.

The fifth and final film is slightly different from the other movies in the series. For one, Bella's finally a vampire, and she and Edward have a child together. They also have to battle the most powerful vampire coven in order to keep their child alive.

You may have seen the other films only once when they hit theaters, but let's be honest, you probably watched them 15 times more when they came out on DVD and on-demand.

Either way, it has been a full year (filled with a whole lot of off-screen drama) since Breaking Dawn -- Part 1 hit the big screen. If you need to brush up on your Twi-Q before you head to the theater, this quiz will get your wheels turning again.

Add up how many answers you get correct, and see just how big of a Twi-hard you really are.

1. What city did Bella live in before she moved to Forks, Wash.?

A. Jacksonville, Fla.

B. Phoenix

C. Salem, Ore.

D. Santa Fe, N.M.

2. In Eclipse, who does Bella punch in the face?

A. Jacob

B. Edward

C. Jared

D. James

3. In this latest movie, why is the ruling vampire coven, the Italy-based Volturi, coming to pay the Cullens a visit?

A. They want to congratulate Edward and Bella on their marriage.

B. They want to verify that a child has resulted from the union of Edward and Bella.

C. They want to kill Renesmee, because they think she's a vampire baby.

D. They want to kill Bella, because she conceived Renesmee while still human.

4. What is Edward's unique vampire power?

A. He can see into the future.

B. He can transmit thoughts to others through touch.

C. He can read people's minds.

D. He has no special ability.

5. What American Indian tribe do Jacob and his wolf pack belong to?

A. Quileute

B. Chinook

C. Sanpoil

D. Chelan

6. What state was Jasper Hale (born Jasper Whitlock) originally from?

A. California

B. Texas

C. Georgia

D. Arizona

7. Who does Jacob imprint, an involuntary act of finding one's soul mate?

A. Renesmee

B. Leah

C. Bella

D. Rosalie

8. What is Edward missing from his bedroom?

A. Television

B. Dresser

C. Bed

D. Windows

9. Why do the Cullens avoid going out into the sunlight?

A. They would burst into flames.

B. Their skin would turn red.

C. They would bleed.

D. Their skin sparkles.

10. What is Bella's stepdad's name?

A. Carlisle

B. Charlie

C. Phil

D. Bob

11. The half-vampire, half-human child of Bella and Edward is named Renesmee. What is the significance of the baby's name?

A. It is a made-up name to celebrate the uniqueness of the parents' union.

B. It's the combination of Bella's and Edward's mothers' names.

C. It's an ancient vampire name that is symbolic of the relationship between Bella and Edward.

D. It was Edward's grandmother's name.

12. What game does Bella play with the Cullens in the first installment of the saga series, Twilight?

A. Flag football

B. Soccer

C. Basketball

D. Baseball

13. What are the names of the three elders of the Volturi?

A. Aro, Caius and Marcus

B. Alec, Marcus and Caius

C. Caius, Jane and Marcus

D. Aro, Caius and Alec

14. In New Moon, how does Edward intend to commit suicide?

A. By encouraging a werewolf attack

B. By drinking poison

C. By stepping out into the sunlight

D. By provoking the Volturi

15. What is the Volturi's duty?

A. To protect humans from vampires

B. To ensure that vampires' existence remain a secret from humans

C. To turn humans into vampires, thus increasing the vampire population

D. To create peace between vampires and mortals

16. Who is James, who appears in the first movie, Twilight?

A. One of Bella's friends at school

B. Alice's husband

C. A "tracker" vampire

D. Edward's adopted brother

17. Who believes Edward and Bella's child to be an "immortal," and informs the Volturi of her existence?

A. Victoria

B. Irina

C. Carmen

D. Tanya

18. In Eclipse, who teaches the Cullens and the Wolves to fight the newborn vampires?

A. Jasper

B. Edward

C. Carlisle

D. Jacob

19. In New Moon, who voted against Bella becoming a vampire?

A. Edward

B. Edward and Rosalie

C. Carlisle and Edward

D. Carlisle and Rosalie

20. The "Twilight" saga is based on four novels, with one of the novels broken into two films. What order does the series go in from first to last?

A. Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn

B. Eclipse, New Moon, Twilight, Breaking Dawn

C. New Moon, Eclipse, Twilight, Breaking Dawn

D. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn

McClatchy News Service contributed to this story.