Favorite film character photo entries

Folks got creative when asked to submit photos of their families in favorite film character costumes. Rene Reyes of Fort Worth submitted the photo with the most votes and won a Harkins Theatres prize package with movie passes, popcorn vouchers and a pass to the PlayCenter. Here are a few of our favorite entries:

Daniel Jenks took this photo of his son John trying on costumes in Hurst. Apparently, the Hulk was an appropriate choice for the 3-year-old. “He is an aggressive little guy and loves to SMASH,” Daniel Jenks says. “He always runs around saying, ‘Hulk smash, Hulk smash hard’ and chases his sister around.”


Belinda Ference of Bedford submitted this photo of her daughter, who portrayed Pocahontas in a Meadow Creek Elementary play. The photo caption read: “She wore this in a school play and had a really great time!!”


Julia Vecchioni of Arlington dressed up as the damsel Rapunzel at this year’smay 2012 Scarborough Renaissance Festival. Vecchioni chose the Tangled version of the fairy tale because “she is kind and adventurous. She looks at the world with fresh eyes and amazement.”


Cheri Tjalas of Bedford captured this moment with her children, 3-year-old Drake, left, and 4-year-old Kaelei, right before trick-or-treating. Her miniature Spideys like Spider-Man because “he can fly through the air using webs.”


Al and Kelly Kimmel of Fort Worth submitted this photo of the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin, aka William, 4, and Olivia, 22 months. “Our children like watching the Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon,” they wrote in the caption. “They love to run around the living room whenever the theme music comes on.”


Amy Tamayo of Allen submitted this photo of daughters Kayleigh, 8, and Ella, 5, as Rapunzel from the Disney film Tangled. Tamayo wrote in her contest submission: “Both of our girls love Rapunzel’s big heart and confidence. They love how she uses her hair to do everything and even heal.”

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