Marijuana-laced brownies at Byron Nelson High School also contained LSD

Additional tests on marijuana-laced brownies confiscated Monday at Byron Nelson High School showed that they also contained LSD, Trophy Club police said Wednesday.

A 17-year-old student who ate one of the brownies passed out and was taken to Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine on Monday.

"Test results came back showing that there was LSD in the brownies," Trophy Club police commander Lee Delk said Wednesday. "That is why it made her so sick and caused her to go unconscious."

A 15-year-old student accused of providing the brownie to the girl now faces stiffer drug charges, police said.

"It could go from delivery of marijuana to possession of a controlled substance," Delk said.

The boy was taken to the Denton County Juvenile Detention Center and later released.

Neither student was identified.

A school nurse contacted a school resource officer around 1:30 p.m. Monday about a girl who was sick from eating the brownie.

"Once she told us who had given it to her, we questioned the boy," Delk said. "He didn't give brownies to anyone else."

Authorities found more brownies crumbled in a plastic bag.

"He did not make the brownies," Delk said. "He claimed to have received them from another Byron Nelson student."

No charges will be pursued against that student because it's a he said/he said situation, Delk said.

Northwest school district spokeswoman Lesley Weaver said the district is cooperating with Trophy Club police.

"Discipline is appropriate," Weaver said. "And it will follow the consequences outlined in our student handbook and code of conduct."

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