Presidential debate watchers: We are looking for a few good Fort Worth families

We're looking for Fort Worth families who plan to watch the first and last presidential debates (on Oct. 3 and Oct. 22) and would let a reporter watch with them.

Star-Telegram reporter Gordon Dickson will be watching the debate with one family, and fellow political reporter Anna Tinsley will watch with a second family. A photographer would also be at your home.

We're looking for a Republican family and a Democratic family, people who aren't shy about speaking their minds. Even better, if family members have different political views from each other or are undecided.

We have no firm criteria, other than we are looking for a small gathering of people willing to generously share their thoughts and reactions to the debate as it unfolds.

If you are interested in letting us watch the first and last presidential debates with you or know a family who would be willing to participate, please send email at or

In the e-mail, please tell us a little about your family and political beliefs.

Thanks in advance for considering.