Get moving with stylish fitness gear

This fall, whether you're hitting the weights or taking an exercise class, this fitness gear will make the most of your gym experience.

Gym bag chic

Designed to take you to and from the gym without changing bags, the Om Tote is as fashionable as it is functional. The water-resistant bag features multiple spacious compartments, a removable laundry bag for smelly gear and a laptop/tablet sleeve. It comes in three colors for everyday use. $128, Lululemon.

TRAK star

Endorsed by celebrity trainers Gunnar Peterson and Kim Lyons, the MYTRAK SmartCoach device helps you get the most out of each workout while reaching your personal fitness goals. It uses Smart Body Technology to sense, track, analyze and report your fitness progress, so users can see everything from how many calories they have burned to the energy they have expended. MYTRAK SmartCoach Bundle, $129.95,

Roll it out

Grid 2.0 Revolutionary Foam Roller from Trigger Point Performance could just be the perfect companion for your pre- and post-workout regimens, as it is a great way to massage and prevent injury to muscle groups like your lats, quads and lower back. Designed to be used by people of all fitness levels, it uses a grid system of varying widths and densities to take traditional foam rolling to the next level. Grid 2.0 Revolutionary Foam Roller, $64.99, Luke's Locker.

Running man

The Brooks PureCadence Running Shoe -- available for men and women -- features a design that is lightweight and lean. With a reinforced heel counter to secure the foot, PureCadence gives exercisers the stability they need during an intense leg workout or a run on the treadmill. Brooks PureCadence Running Shoe, $120, Fort Worth Running Company.

Hydration nation

The S'well Bottle is nontoxic, nonleaching and BPA-free, so it's a great ally in helping to keep your body well hydrated throughout your workout. Featuring a sleek, insulated double-walled design, S'well Bottles keep water cool for up to 24 hours without condensation. S'well Bottle, $35-$45,