Social game apps, ranked by Mobilewalla

Have you joined the social gaming revolution? Social games have given rise to new and exciting ways to connect with family and friends. These highly rated apps, ranked by Mobilewalla, offer something for everyone, from word games to war games.

Apple apps

UNO FREE (Free)* Play this classic card game with family and friends, or as part of the Gameloft Network, a worldwide gaming community. (Mobilewalla score: 98/100)

Design This Home (Free) Whether you are designing your dream house or just pretending to be an architect, this gaming platform brings hours of creative fun. (Score: 98/100)

Tic Tac Toe * (Free)* Play against the computer or opponents around the world in this updated version of the schoolyard icon. (Score: 98/100)

Call of Duty: Zombies ($4.99) Get your zombie-killing game on as you battle the undead with multiple weapon choices. (Score: 94/100)

SongPop ($1.99)* Can you name that tune faster than your opponent? The latest online gaming craze is upon us, with thousands of songs to identify in genres from rock to R&B. (Score: 93/100)

Android apps

Scramble With Friends Free (Free)* Race to find more words in the jumble faster than your opponent in this gem from the creator of the smash hit Words With Friends. (Mobilewalla score: 83/100)

Modern War (Free)* Vivid graphics and gameplay set this military strategy game apart; you battle others online in your bid for world domination. (Score: 75/100)

Draw Something ($2.99)* Test your artistic abilities in this game, where you draw an object and your opponent has to guess the correct word. (Score: 75/100)

Order & Chaos Online ($6.99)* Get a free three-month subscription to the largest MMORPG community, a role-playing world where you choose your character and complete dangerous quests. (Score: 66/100)

Monopoly ($4.99)* Will you pass GO and collect $200? Lovers of the board-game classic will enjoy the fast-paced action in this digital update with sharp graphics and sound effects. (Score: 59/100)

Apps with an asterisk* denote availability on Apple and Android.

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