What's in the bag?: Victoria Snee's big Prada beauty kit

One in an occasional series in which we ask interesting people around town to spill their bag -- and the stories behind the stuff in it.

Take a look at Victoria Snee's résumé and you'll soon see why her career has been the envy of most women. With past stints that include co-host for 102.9 FM's The Morning Mix, entertainment reporter for CW33 and author of 2010's popular The Beauty Buzz: No More Beauty B.S.! (Brown Books, $15), Snee now spends her days talking fashion and beauty as the director of public relations for NorthPark Center in Dallas. And with stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom at her disposal, we had to wonder if Snee's handbag and its contents were as covetable as her career.

So one day last week, we headed over to NorthPark to see just what the woman who counts George Clooney, Will Smith and Johnny Depp as her top interviewees carries in her bag. Upon our arrival, we found Snee and her assistant busy working out all the details for Thursday's Fashion's Night Out event.

Before heading to a fitting at Roberto Cavalli, Snee eagerly spilled not only the contents of her purse, but what it's like sharing floss with Mariah Carey.

The bag

Snee made the most of a 10th anniversary trip to Milan with her husband, former TV reporter Jeff Crilley, by coming home with this leopard-print Prada bag. It not only has enough space to fit all of her everyday essentials, but Snee also is unlikely to bump into another fashionista with the same handbag -- the purse was sold exclusively overseas.

What's inside

1. A mishmash of items that includes Listerine breath-freshening strips, lip balm, Deborah Lippmann nail polish in the color Naked, Mary Kay blotting papers, lobster-shaped soap from Maine and, most importantly, dental floss.

"I think it's very important that you always have dental floss with you," she says. "I once did an interview with Mariah Carey, when I was at Channel 33, and we sat down to do the interview and she had a huge piece of green spinach in her teeth. And this is where this stems from. I had to tell her she had spinach in her teeth, which was kind of horrifying. Nobody had dental floss in the room but me."

2. Makeup bag of lip glosses. "I'm a little lip gloss obsessed! That's not a secret," Snee says. Among her favorite brands: YSL and Chanel Glossimer.

3. Fekkai Sheer Hold hairspray. Snee regularly makes TV appearances on behalf of NorthPark, and says carrying hairspray with her is a necessity for all her on-air moments.

4. Tom Ford pressed powder and La Prairie illuminating face powder. Snee uses the Tom Ford powder for touch-ups and the La Prairie powder as a highlighter for night.

5. A leopard-print paddle brush.

6. HTC ThunderBolt 4G for Verizon. About her phone, Snee says, "I have the need for speed, so I have to have something fast."

7. Nike+ FuelBand fitness tracker.

8. A Cartier notepad. "I'm a big note-taker. I'm still kind of old-school in that sense. I like writing things down versus typing it in my phone," Snee says.

9. NorthPark Center pens and directory. "Pink is one of my favorite colors, as you can see. So I love the pink NorthPark pen," Snee says. "And then I always have to have the directory, because we are always in touch with our retailers and talking to different stores about products we want to feature."

10. Tom Ford sunglasses (inside case). One of the perks of Snee's job: It allows her to keep up on the latest trends. She says she snagged the sunglasses after a stylist pulled them for NorthPark's fall photo shoot.

11. Chanel quilted makeup bag, full of, you guessed it, lip gloss.

12. A Louis Vuitton monogram wallet and business card holder.