Are you mom enough to handle TIME's breastfeeding cover?

The latest issue of TIME magazine is already raising eyebrows and it doesn't even hit the newsstands until Friday.

The cover features mom Jamie Lynne Grumet and her 3-year-old son who is standing on a chair and breastfeeding. The headline reads, "Are You Mom Enough?"

The story is about the rise of attachment parenting, an approach in which parents breastfeed and co-sleep with their children. Grumet subscribes to this philosophy.

About a year ago, I posted a photo with a blog on breastfeeding that some editors objected to. It was a stock image and you could not see a breast or even the baby's face. Honestly, I was miffed that some felt this seemingly harmless photo should not be shown on a mainstream website.

At the time, I had read about a New York mom who was kicked out of a restaurant for breastfeeding. And was appalled.

Every day, we see visions of violence -- on TV, on video games, in moves and every single news source shows images of war and conflict. But showing a breast is somehow immoral and obscene?

The TIME cover photo was definitely meant to attract attention and already has. While I think breastfeeding is a positive, natural act that should not be dissuaded, I wonder if this will hurt the cause because many will be turned off by the image.

I had some difficulty, at first, nursing my infant but eventually was able to nurse my son until he was 6 months old. Admittedly, I  do co-sleep with my son, who is nearly 2, occasionally on weekends, and I do feel that the bond between us has grown stronger, which I've worried about since I returned to work from maternity leave.

However, I'm not sure if I physically could handle breastfeeding a 3-year-old. I feel that if the child is able to walk, talk and express when they are hungry, they should move away from the breast.

I also take issue with the headline: "Are You Mom Enough?" As if moms don't have enough to worry about. Parenting isn't a competition. No one should have to prove their parenting skills because in the end, it's a day-to-day learning experience.

Let me know what you think about the cover or attachment parenting. Comment below: